Danbury High School Class of '68, Danbury, CT

September 30, 2000

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You asked for them and here they are. Click on any of the thunbnails below and they will bring you to the actual larger photo. When finished viewing each photo, just press the left (return) arrow on your browser. If you don't recognize the photos, just put your cursor over the thumbnail, and it will tell you who is in each picture. ENJOY! [If I don't have a correct name for somebody (like maiden name versus married name, or wrong name, or even no name where I have used question marks) would somebody please notify me and I will correct it.]

I will be happy to post on this site any pictures that were taken at any of our recent class functions, or pictures of groups of classmates (2+) you have taken recently in private gatherings. Mail them to David Siegelbaum, 1179 Hohlfelder Road, Glencoe, Illinois 60022-1018. Please enclose a postage paid self addressed envelope and I will return them to you once they are scanned (please give me a few weeks). On the back of each photo, please write the names of everybody in the photos, from left to right. If you provide me with your E-mail address, I will send you digital copies of the photos as well.

BONUS - When you send me your photos to put on the site, when I return them, I will also enclose an actual photographic copy of the group shot shown on the main DHS '68 page.

David Siegelbaum

Ken Piela, Marcus Catone Carol Franklin Christy, Linda Vendetti Dianne Felicissimo Mariano, Michelle Piela (Ken's sister), Lynn Tomanio Meeker, Pat Fusek Michelle Piela (Ken's sister), Lynn Tomanio Meeker, Linda Thompson Julie Pullano, Carol Prorock Kearns Aura Showah, Ken Piela, Julie Pullano, Nancy Esposito Mikeski, Marcus Catone, Arthur Friedman, Carol Prorock Kearns Alan Kraut, Carol Franklin, Janice Melillo, Diane Felicissimo Mariano, Jim Silvestri, Susan Rickard Page, Joan Kucera Mayo, Lynn Tomanio Meeker, Melanie Ruscoe Leibold Carol Franklin, Melanie Ruscoe Leibold, Nancy Marcinek, Joan Kucera Mayo, Marianne Rubelsky Diane Felicissimo Mariano and Frank Mariano, Arthur Friedman, David Siegelbaum Bob Medhurst, Joan Kucera Mayo Ken Piela, Sue Rickard Page Melanie Ruscoe Leibold, Aura Showah Mary Ann Kurjiaka, Arthur Friedman Joan Kucera Mayo, Ray Montessi Linda Thompson Pickwick, Arthur Friedman Dave and Dawn Wilda Lorraine Chickering, Peggy White, Joan Kucera Mayo Lenore Phillips and friend On the Crest of the Hill Over the Hill

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